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Carl Thorpe from Great Britain wrote:
Hello there..
I love your models... especially the 1/72nd World War 1 aircraft..

Can I ask.. are you going to be making any new models?? especially as we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of that conflict..

A model of the Halberstadt Cl11.. or an Fe2b would be very welcome indeed..

However any WW1 aircraft in 1/72nd scale would be appreciated..

Best wishes, Carl
Jon davies from UK wrote:
Great models. Please release Mohawk and Turboporters in 72nd scale. They would compliment the brilliant C-123 very well indeed.
Thanks for all the great stuff
howard knouse from USA wrote:
how about a good p6e in 32nd? or a good spad 13; either would do well
Jeremy Stuckey from Texas, USA. wrote:
Love Roden models. A step up from the others.
When it comes to Roden or the competition I go with Roden.
Mike Engler from USA wrote:
Please do a 1/144 Fw-200 Condor. I think it would be very popular with modelers everywhere. Thank you for doing the beautiful Bristol Britannias and your other fine kits!
Eduardo Nunes Pimenta from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wrote:
Thank you guys for your high quality kits. I´d like to suggest the early Douglas DC-8-10/20/30/40/50, Boeing 747SP, Lockheed l-188 Electra, Fokker F-28, Dassault Mercure, Lockheed C-5A Galaxy .
Joe from USA wrote:

You make the very best line of 1/72 scale WWI aircraft. Please add a few German 2 seaters to the list. and please re-issue the Fokker D-8 as I could use a few more.

Cheers and good luck.
Albert from Germany wrote:
Congratulation for your work.
Since several years I buy your kits (1:72 WWII), because of the good quality, price and mostly your kits are single on the market.
And your service is perfect: in early kit 714 Sd.Kfz. 4/1 8cm Panzerwerfer 42 (late) some sprues were missing, I send an e-mail and get all missing parts free of costs
(again thanks to you Olga!).
I can only recommend Roden.
greetings from Germany !
Анатолий from Днепропетровск wrote:
Здравствуйте !
Уважаемая компания Roden, хочу выразить Вам свою благодарность за помощь в решении вопроса по замене испорченного литника, спасибо Вам за то что Вы понимаете и цените своих покупателей.
Спасибо большое Ольге, которая оперативно и профессионально помогла в решении этого вопроса.Спасибо за Ваше доброе отношение, которое украшает такие сложные времена. Желаю всему Вашему коллективу и самой компании Roden, творческих успехов, стабильности и процветания.
С ув. Анатолий.
Javier Wade from México wrote:
Congratulation for yours models is so grate.

Dont' forget T-28A Trojan.

please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

Tank you
Bryn from UK wrote:
Please consider 1/48 kits of:
DHC-1 Chipmunk
DHC-2 Beaver
NA OV-10 Bronco
Cessna O-1 Bronco
Cessna O-2 Skymaster

Bryn from UK wrote:
Hi, love your kit subjects. Perhaps you could consider in 1/48:
DHC-1 Chipmunk
DHC-2 Beaver
NA OV-10 Bronco
Westland Wapiti

Tony from UK wrote:
Hi there

I now have a few of your kits, and based on the quality I have seen so far, would love you to model ..

BAC 1-11 Both Short & Long
Standard VC-10, to go with your forthcoming Super VC-10
Fokker F27 F50
Fokker F28 F70 F100

I'm sure there are loads more !!!

All in 1/144th scale please.


M@ty_OZ from Australia wrote:
‘Genuinely Anticipating the upcoming 1:72 Opel Blitz Tanker’. Make sure you send them ‘Downunder’ ASAP after release ;) Only recently been able to source a steady supply of Roden kits in my part of Oz & am eagerly awaiting my first 5x batch of 1:72 Armor/Soft Skin kits that are currently in transit. I really like your subject range & had the good fortune of picking up a few kits when on holidays a couple of years back now & look forward to adding many to both my stash & build queues now that I can source most of your range.
Tony Eastwood from Great Britain wrote:
How about the Lockheed L-049 or L-749 Constellation in 1/144 scale
Gordon from Canada wrote:
An RCAF Argus patrol aircraft? A Spitfire MK 9? An RCAF fairchild Cornell trainer? A Fairey Albecore torpedo biplane?
Gordon wrote:
How about a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter and a Vickers FB 19?
Aleksander from Poland wrote:
What about Opel Blitz 2,5-32 in 1/72? Only rare resin kits of them are available...
William from Baltimore, MD U.S.A. wrote:
Hello friends. Hopefully with the centennial of the Great War, we will see a few of the last remaining subjects in 1/72 scale from your company. Please consider models of the Halberstadt DV, Nieuport 12 and Albatros CIII or CV. A model of the FE2b or FE2d would also be welcome. Best wishes for all future success!
Jean Yves Petit from France wrote:
I would like to suggest the Loockeed L-188 Electra in civilian version, and the P3 Orion on the same basis for military version, both in 1/144th scale. The Dougles DC 4 (with side Windows) / C54 is another possible kit, always in 1/144 please.