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Tony from UK wrote:
Hi there

I now have a few of your kits, and based on the quality I have seen so far, would love you to model ..

BAC 1-11 Both Short & Long
Standard VC-10, to go with your forthcoming Super VC-10
Fokker F27 F50
Fokker F28 F70 F100

I'm sure there are loads more !!!

All in 1/144th scale please.


M@ty_OZ from Australia wrote:
‘Genuinely Anticipating the upcoming 1:72 Opel Blitz Tanker’. Make sure you send them ‘Downunder’ ASAP after release ;) Only recently been able to source a steady supply of Roden kits in my part of Oz & am eagerly awaiting my first 5x batch of 1:72 Armor/Soft Skin kits that are currently in transit. I really like your subject range & had the good fortune of picking up a few kits when on holidays a couple of years back now & look forward to adding many to both my stash & build queues now that I can source most of your range.
Tony Eastwood from Great Britain wrote:
How about the Lockheed L-049 or L-749 Constellation in 1/144 scale
Gordon from Canada wrote:
An RCAF Argus patrol aircraft? A Spitfire MK 9? An RCAF fairchild Cornell trainer? A Fairey Albecore torpedo biplane?
Gordon wrote:
How about a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter and a Vickers FB 19?
Aleksander from Poland wrote:
What about Opel Blitz 2,5-32 in 1/72? Only rare resin kits of them are available...
William from Baltimore, MD U.S.A. wrote:
Hello friends. Hopefully with the centennial of the Great War, we will see a few of the last remaining subjects in 1/72 scale from your company. Please consider models of the Halberstadt DV, Nieuport 12 and Albatros CIII or CV. A model of the FE2b or FE2d would also be welcome. Best wishes for all future success!
Jean Yves Petit from France wrote:
I would like to suggest the Loockeed L-188 Electra in civilian version, and the P3 Orion on the same basis for military version, both in 1/144th scale. The Dougles DC 4 (with side Windows) / C54 is another possible kit, always in 1/144 please.
Jean Yves Petit from France wrote:
Thank you for your quality and detailled models, espacially in 1/144 scale. I started with the TWA DC3 (a pleasure to build), was a bit disapointed by the absence of side Windows on DC6 and DC7, but delighted with the B720. The Bristol Britannia will be my next, and I am wating for the VC10. Please go on enjoying us with your kits.
William Kiger from Usa wrote:
Very nice kits. Keep up the good work!
Claudio Rafart from Buenos Aires Argentina wrote:
A nice kit to be made by your brand is the Boeing 747 SP in scale 1/144 happened that at this time there is not any available in any other brand, and the latest was made in 1981 by revell but is out of book.
Godfried Scheijvens from The Netherlands wrote:
In my opinion Roden 1:72 scale WW I aircraft kits are amongst the very best of their kind. Wat WW I aircraft modellers have been missing for years are injection-molded 1:72 scale kits of WW I German, British, French and Austrian two-seaters. Could Roden make an end to that lack of WW I 1:72 two-seater kits ?
Pete Brown from UK wrote:
Hi. I'd like to see some models of more unusual WW2 types in 1:144. E.G. Halifax and Albemarle,SM 79, Fokker XXI. Keep up the good work!
Jorge Luis Margadant from Argentina wrote:
Congratulations for your goods moedels.
I have a if do you can make a modelin1/144 of Boeing 707-320 will be very nice , because today there are not a good model of this aircraft and your B-720 is nice a lot.
Thanks very much.
Michael from USA wrote:
Would like to see some Italian types in 1/72; even reissuing the Nieuport 27 with Italian markings would be nice and easy.
Carl Thorpe from United Kingdom wrote:
You have produced some wonderful models... I do hope that you will make some more 1/72nd World War 1 aircraft.. a Halberstadt Cl 2, or a DH9 would be fantastic..

Best wishes, Carl
Robert Holmberg from U.S.A. wrote:
Hello. I would like to suggest that you produce WWI Italian aircraft (esp. the revolutionary Caproni bombers). I would also appreciate kits of the WWI Russian bombers (Sikorsy Illya Mourometz, etc.) I would also like to see better kits of the WWII Soviet Tupolov, Petlyakov, etc. bombers and ground attack planes (the only one there are good kits of are IL2 Sturmoviks. The Tupolov "Bat" and the Pe-2 only have 1/72 snap-tite kits). I cannot understand why there are so few kits of WWI artillery (not even the famous French "76". I also think that kit builders would love having kits of the monster guns and rail guns of both sides of WWI). Finally I would encourage you to produce 1/35 kits of Belgian WWII armor and artillery (esp. Dog-drawn).
Calvin Green from Pennsylvania wrote:
Hello Gentlemen, I was admiring your C-123B when I thought it would be nice if you would do a B/RB-45C in 1/72 scale!
Calvin Green from United States wrote:
Dear Sirs, I have enjoyed your kits. I see that a NC/AC-123K is pending release in the near future. I was wondering and hoping that it will still include the original nose radome piece to make C-123K with the jet pods. I've anticipating this release version by you because it is a superb kit! Also would you consider a Bell 47J, a Kaman HH-43, a Nieuport 28 and Curtiss NC-4 in 1/72 scale? You guys would be the one's to do that NC-4. One can only hope. And again I do enjoy your kits. Thanks for the opportunity to be heard.
Patrick Armstrong from Braniff International Airways wrote:
Great Models. Please, Please, Please release the Boeing 720 in 1/200 scale with Braniff International "jelly bean" decals, Pan Am and the rock star aircraft decals.
Please, Please, Please re-release some of your kits in 1/200 scale.