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Keven from South Africa wrote:
Very keen on modeling your1/32 first world war planes.
morse doolittle from fresno, california wrote:
How can I ask for a catalogue?

I am interested in the classic airplanes.

Leo Kinghorn from The North, UK wrote:
I bought your 1:144 Super VC-10 and it was a really nice kit up until I went to apply the transfers. They were terrible. They fell apart ridiculously easily, stuck to even moist surfaces and refused to budge. It's fair to say that the aircraft is ruined. Really dissapointed at an otherwise great kit.
Chris Perleberg from USA wrote:
Please, I'm begging you -- please do a 1/32 Nieuport. You're already most of the way there with the 24/27. Need a new fuselage, wings, and few other little bits. I'd buy a dozen of 'em.
Teeradej Surangkanang wrote:
I am not sure what happened with you for such a $100+++ price of the latest C-5B kit! Yes this kit is big even in 1/144 but NOT THAT BIG. I am Roden fan and I bought your many kits such as C-141, C-123, T-28, VC10 etc. because their resonable price vs nice quality. Please review you selling policy for this particular case.
Mark from UK wrote:
Why is the price of the C-5 four times the price of the C-141? It's a crazy price for a 1:144 kit. A lot of people were looking forward to this and I have seen maybe 99% negative comments online about the price. The vast majority of people who would have bought the kit now not bother. You are even pricing out the impulsive buyers. Roden please get real and charge a realistic price otherwise this kit will flop.
I would love to know the reasons for this price being set and hope this isn't a sign of things to come otherwise I can see Roden not surviving.
Kind regards
Zhaden from Zhaden wrote:
Please, like to see more models in the 1/72 scale (WW1,WW2 ) -France,Poland,English..
it works out fine.
Eduardo Nunes Pimenta from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wrote:
Some suggestions

Douglas DC-8 (early versions 10 to 50)
Boeing 747 SP
Boeing 747-300
Boeing 767-200
Fokker F-28
BAC 1-11-500
Lockheed Tristar L-1011-500
Lockheed Electra L-188
Michael Mullen from U.S.A. wrote:
Hi Guys,You're doing a great job producing kits that fill the gaps in the modeling industry. How about a C-133, P-8 Poseidon,and a KC-46 in 1/144 scale. Thanks for letting me dream, Mike
Steffen wrote:
Dear Roden!
I am very thankful for all the great kits you 've done. Especially your WW1 kits in the one true 72nd scale! However there is still a lack of great many ww1 aircraft, which all kit producers have neglected so far. Here is a small list of aircraft, which would be guaranteed to sell well over the years as 1/72 injected kits:
-Halberstadt Cl. II and Cl. IV ground attack planes
-Sablatnig SF2 /SF5 seaplanes
-A.E.G C. IV family (including N.I night bomber and J.I and J.II armored ground attacker)
-late Albatros two seaters! (C.V, C.VII, C.X. C.XII)
-LVG two seaters: C.II or C.IV two-seaters
-Bristol M 1C
-BAT Bantam (early Koolhoven design!)
-Short 184
-Friedrichshafen FF 33 and FF 49 !!!
-Caproni Ca.3 and Ca.4
-Rumpler C.IV (the plane with the great high altitude performance)
-Rumpler D.I fighter
-Nieuport 12 two seater
-Austrian Hansa Brandenburg C.I
-SPAD two-seaters: SPAD XI and SPAD XVI
german cars and trucks of the Great War like Nacke, NAG or Büssing 3 and 5 ton trucks, Marienfelde lorries; Opel, Stoewer, Audi or Mercedes staff cars, german ambulance cars, etc. pp !
Steve Cox wrote:
Where can I find the correct complete instructions for the Howitzer Mk VI in the kit #713?
Parts E11 E12 E15 E16 (there may be others) are not shown in stage 16 of the assembly diagrams but magically appear fitted in stage 17
Ian Atkinson from USA wrote:
Love the Britannia and VC 10 models more classic British Airliners please Vickers Viscount, HS 748 or Shorts Belfast all have both civil and military applications
Phil from USA wrote:
First of all, thank you for producing a new mold C-5 Galaxy kit. I see that it's now on pre-sale on several sites with a listed price of over $100 (US). This is ridiculous money for a 1/144 scale kit, and I'm certainly not going to pay that much for it. In my opinion, you aren't going to sell many at that price. Please reconsider pricing on this kit. Many of us have been waiting for a long time for this one to come out, and now we're severely disappointed at the cost. Thanks.
Mike Mullen from U.S. wrote:
Hi Guys, I also would like a C-2 Greyhound in 1/72 and a KC-46A in 1/144. Thanks for listening. Mike
ramon collado from cuba wrote:
I purchased the dc-3 TWA and was missing parts. how can I get the missing parts?eastwood
Mark wrote:
A good quality Convair 990 and early series DC-8 is needed. Also a CL-44 can be produced using some of the parts already made for the Bristol Britannia kit
Julio Chacon Jr. from São Paulo-Brazil wrote:
My suggestion for 1/144 is:


Thanks for attention
Peter from Germany wrote:
Hello. I have purchased your wonderful model #801, the British Armoured car pattern 1920. It all Looks fantastic and will surely prove to be a great build. Unfortunately the sprue with the tyres are missing. Can you help? Is there any German Distributor who could provide them? Anyway, Keep up the great work!
Daniel Carlson from USA wrote:
Are you producing a 1/32 O-2 Skymaster? Sure look forward to this!
Scott Dillinger from USA wrote:
Any chance of doing a c-141a , or a KC-10. I can help with any research required for a KC10. I am looking forward to your c-5