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Marc FIERENS from Belgium wrote:
Suggestion :

Very Urgent , please produce the DOUGLAS DC-8 early versions 10-to 50 They aren't to find anymore!!! And there are still many decals for it !

In 1/144 but also 1/72 would be very Nice and missing in the market ! Thanks Marc
John from UK wrote:
So looking forward to your 1/32 Skymaster are a lot of other people....hope it's soon
Ammohoghead from United States wrote:
1/144 scale C-141B is great, but sure wish you'd make it and the C-17 and C-5 in 1/72 scale. Your quality proves it and the public would buy them like hot cakes
Alex wrote:
Hello - it looks as if Roden is definitely among the big global players meanwhile. You are producing some really nice kits - I just recently bought three (!) of your excellent C-141 Starlifter kits and will certainly have Roden on my list from now on :-) Thanks and keep up your good work - best regards, Alex
Eduardo Nunes Pimenta from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wrote:
Some suggestions

Douglas DC-8 (early versions 10 to 50)
Boeing 747SP
Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar (short version)
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
Fokker F-28
Dassault Mercure
Bac 1-11-500 (long fuselage)
Kuba J. from Czech Republic wrote:
Hello, thank you for heavylifters C-124 and C-141, they are really nice. Have you thought about production of C-5 Galaxy in 1/144?
Congratulations,it would be really great if you could have the C-17 Globemaster II, C-141 Starlifter in 1/72 scale
John the Pom from South Africa wrote:
Firstly Thanks for all your marvellous WW 1 model aircraft , they must tank as the best from any manufacture in any scale, especially 1/72. The outstanding one must be the Bristol Fighter, it has to be seen to be believed, some thing with the Gotha’s.
Here in Cape Town Roden kits are quite rare, but I was very happy to add the Fokker D VI to my collection, together with some German support vehicles with the Opel Blitz Kfz 385 Tankwagen, a long awaited model, ( more of the same please ) and the FWD Model B 3-tonn 1917 lorry. Must be about the only WW 1 support vehicle made in model form, an inspired choice; again more of the same please, even German and or horse drawn would be most welcome. How about adding some personal, pilots, ground crew, drivers etc, as WW 1 personal are very thin on the ground in 1/72 scale.
Looking forward to more amazing models in the future some you might consider are the Rolland, Hannover, Halberstadt and RE 8. You made the Semens-Schuckert DIV in 48th or 32 scale but so-far nothing in 1/72; Why?
Keep up the good work John the Pom
John the Pom from South Africa wrote:
Your WW1 aircraft are the best available in any scale especially 1/72 the Bristol Fighter has the be seem to be believed as do the Gotha's.
Your kit are a bit rare in SA so was surprised to find the Focker D IV Junker D1 and the FWD WW1 lorry (A big thanks for that) also the Opel Blitz Kfz 385 Tankwagen another long awaited model, Please keep the coming. Would love to see a 1/72 DH2 4 & 9 also as other have mention a Halberstadt, Rolland or Hannover, but really anything WW1 related is wecole.
Dave Bruton wrote:
Very happy with the M37 truck and VERY excited about the O-1/L-19 as well as the O-2

Any chance we might see Army and Air Force crews for these aircraft?
Mike Farrier from British wrote:
Hi Roden staff!
Many thanks for your superb range of kits over the years. All manufactured to a very high standard!
Can I please suggest that you 'up-scale' your excellent BE2c biplane (from 2007 release) to 1/32 scale and release it in the colours of the famous British 'zepp killers' fliers of 1916, ie, William Leefe Robinson, Wulstan Tempest or Freddy Sowrey? Your original 1/48th kit always was superbly detailed -and I've built a few- but cried out for being produced in a larger scale, so you could really take in the detail! How about even 1/24th?!

Do please keep up your excellent work.

Best regards,

Mike Farrier
RogerD from England wrote:
Please lets have a KC-10A Extender
1:144 in the USAF Grey/White scheme. Only ones on the market are very rare and cost a fortune.
CARLOS from BRASIL wrote:
BOEING 727-100
AIRBUS A-340-500/600
walter barahona from honduras wrote:
Hellow, i love your models. I want that you make the C-2 greyhound 1/72.
Thanks a lot.
Eduardo Nunes Pimenta from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wrote:
Thank you very much for your high quality kits. I´d like to suggest the short body Lockheed Tristar L-1011-500, Boeing 747 SP, BAC One-Eleven dash 500, Fokker F-28, Lockheed Electra L-188, the early Douglas DC-8-10/20/30/40/50. I loved the Boeing 720, Bristol Britannia and the VC-10 kits, they are of the highest standard, quality.
Clive Beilby from Australia wrote:
Love the Gladiators, love '30's biplanes. A Gauntlet would be nice to compliment the Gladiators
Dave from Oz wrote:
The Fokker Dr.1 1/72 is an absolute joy. Well done!
Spruce Studios from England wrote:
Just finished your excellent 1/144 scale DC3 (TWA). Super tooling, excellent decals and the attention to detail is second to non.

This model and the VC10 (currently in production) will sit very proudly in our studio for all to see.

It's nice being in the film making business, specialising in travel and transport, because it allows us to make these high quality kits and to display them at our work is a bonus. Thank you Roden for filing a gap in civil airliner series.
Neil S from England wrote:
A possible voice in the wilderness here...I had a ball building the Rolls Royce Armoured Car and would love to see some more WW1 era vehicles...and even better if they were in 1/35. Many Thanks
Jon from UK wrote:
How about some new 1:32 scale WW1 kites?
The collection is screaming out for a scaled up Fokker D.VII from the 1:48 range.....
Best Roden model? Has to be the Fokker DR1 / F1 in 1:32.......